10 Somewhat, Kind of Random Things


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I struggled with this for awhile, so I’m calling my list of 10 Somewhat, Kind of Random (and a couple of strange-ass) Things.

1. My cat once saved me from being locked out on a balcony, no lie. Long story short, the security bar fell down across the middle of the door and after about 10 minutes of me tapping on the door and getting him to paw at the bar, he pulled it down enough that I could slide it open. This is the kitty…Noah the Genius.

2. I studied Russian in college and wanted to be a Russian Studies major. I think I wanted to work for the CIA.

3. Speaking of government jobs, I also wanted to join the FBI. That lasted about four years.

4. This isn’t so much about me, but includes my husband too.  He doesn’t remember the first time we met. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (we “officially” met the next July). We were in a bar with a bunch of mutual friends and we talked. He has no memory of this and thinks I’m making it up.

5. I once got into a car accident with a tire (bigger than a car tire, smaller than a tractor trailer). It was rolling down the road, up hill no less, and it was dark so I didn’t see it in time to swerve. Plus I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. So it slammed into the front of my car.

6. I wrote a short story in high school that had a silver locket in it. Because of that story, I bought myself a silver locket at a plantation outside New Orleans (that was used for some scenes in Interview with the Vampire) and wore it for years. I bought it in high school and I still have it.

7. I recently found out there is a name for my sensory/sound issues that I have. Misophonia. Basically its a condition that means I am super sensitive to every day sounds and the reaction is to get completely, irrationally angry. I thought I was just losing my mind or that I needed to just relax. Turns out it is a real thing. I’ll be honest, I still wonder if its not something people are making up because it sounds so strange, but at least other people have the same issues and I’m not the only one. It got bad enough at work that I had to move into my own office because I couldn’t handle my office roomie and her carrot/cereal crunching. Or her stapler. I wanted to staple her head.

8. I don’t like fireworks. The big, overhead, loud ones. I’m assuming this is mostly because of number 7 above, but I don’t like to be under them either. I might get burned. When I was a kid, I basically used to try to dig a whole in the ground to bury myself in so I couldn’t get hurt.

9. I grew up in Michigan, but I was born in Gulfport, Mississippi. I spent time on the Gulf Coast every summer when I was growing up and some of my family still lives there. 

10.  My favorite animal is the giraffe. I’ve fed them a couple of times at Binder Park Zoo and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Alright, that’s 10 things about me. What about you? What are some random things that people may or may not know about you?

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  1. I wanted to join the FBI when I was little, too! Then I went to a college tour thing in high school, and they were like, “Those are some criminal justice students,” and they were carrying around red rubber guns and wearing dippy uniforms, and I was like, “Nope. I'm gonna look cool.”


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