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Never Tear Us Apart


Here is a very short something based on Paloma Faith’s version of Never Tear Us Apart.


The beginning strains of the song floated through the room, familiar, yet different at the same time. The expected voice was replaced by a sultry female, soulful and sensual.

She looked around the floor, seeing couples dancing close, moving to the rhythm of the song. Out of the dark, a hand grabbed hers and silently pulled her to the middle of the crowd. His arms went around her waist, pulling her close as her hands moved to clasp behind his neck, fingers twisting into the ends of his hair. She moved with him, letting the music flow around her.

“You, you were standing. I was there. Two worlds collided.”

The words, so full of meaning, washed over her, filling her with sorrow. His hands found her hips, gripping tightly, almost painfully. Not a word was spoken between them, but they said volumes to each other. History, love, pain, pleasure.

“And they could never tear us apart.”

She knew better than anyone that wasn’t true, but she let herself believe, just for the length of the song. As the final notes drifted off, he pulled away, her body suddenly cold without his so close. Closing her eyes against the rush of feelings, she didn’t see him walk away. But she felt it.