Thursday’s Children – A First Taste of Adventure


I’ve been struggling with what to write about this week.  For some reason I’m not feeling very wordy, or poetic, or thoughtful.  But then I saw a movie advertisement online and inspiration hit!


When you’re a child, a towel tied around a your neck can become a cape that helps you fly or a bike ride through a cemetery at night becomes a harrowing escape from ghosts.  But, where do those ideas come from?  Would a child be afraid of riding her bike through the cemetery if she hadn’t read or heard something like that before?  I don’t know.  But, I do know that what we read informs our imagination and leads us on adventures.  So, what was your first taste of adventure?

I read a lot as a child (and still do).  I read a wide range of books, everything from The Babysitter’s Club to books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and one of my all time favorites, Little Women.

But when I was six, on the nights when he didn’t have class, my dad read The Hobbit to me as my bedtime story.  I can’t imagine a scenario where that book wouldn’t plant ideas of adventure in a reader’s mind.  Now, did I remember every detail of the story from when my dad read it to me?  No.  I was six.  And there were lots of extraneous conversations involved about “reading it right!”  My dad sorely wanted to do all the voices and I wouldn’t let him; I was a willful child.

But I digress.

When the book was finished and I started reading more and more on my own, I may not have remembered all of the details, but I remembered a group of companions traveling in order to recapture their homeland.  I remembered hobbits, who seemed to live wonderful lives in their houses with the round doors and fully stocked kitchens.  I remembered a wizard dressed in gray who provided me my first taste of magic; something I still enjoy reading and writing about to this day.

But most of all, I remembered the adventure.  The travel to distant lands, and the encounters with new people and species.  I remembered a man named Bilbo who went against the nature of a hobbit and stepped outside his round front door and went on a adventure.  How his life changed with that one decision!  And it had a lasting impact on him, and his family (although I wouldn’t know about Frodo until years later).  Just knowing that books like this existed made me want to keep reading so I could follow more characters on their journeys; and it inspired me to have journeys of my own.

So, I guess my question is this.  What was your first taste of adventure?

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I'm an accountant by day and a writer by night - or any other time I can find to put words on paper. I live in the state shaped like a mitten with my husband, two cats, and a ridiculously energetic Beagle puppy. I love books and I buy way too many of them. But I maintain its a healthier obsessions than others out there and since I buy a lot of them in electronic formats no one has to know exactly how many I have. :P

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  1. I'm going to have to think about that… It might have been one of George MacDonald's books (where Princess Irene and Curdie go into the mining tunnels inhabited by nasty goblins). I actually did a Thursday's Children post on Little Women a couple of weeks ago. Love that you wouldn't let your father do all the voices. Children can be so mean to their parents, lol.


  2. Ooohhh – good question and post! I think my first taste of adventure happened when I was very young. My mom used tell us many of the Arthurian tales as bed time stories. I remember laying in bed recreating the stories and adding my own twists on the knights' quests long after I should have been asleep. I wanted so desperately to become a knight and have my own adventures.


  3. Great post!

    I would say Star Wars had a lasting impact on me. I had a huge, plastic version of the Millenium Falcon since before I could talk, and the series seemed to open up an entire universe to me. As I grew up, I latched onto all of the newer Expanded Universe books, thrilled about getting the chance to experience all new adventures with Luke and co.

    Can you guess how excited I am about Disney's plan for Lucasfilm??? 😀

    Thanks for sharing!



  4. I know exactly what you're talking about, my brother had the same Millenium Falcon. I haven't gotten into the expanded universe, but I'm still enthralled with the films. I'm very interested to see what happens to the new one.

    And speaking of films, only a few more days until the Hobbit comes out. Guess who will be there opening weekend? 🙂


  5. Thanks so much for joining us on Thursday's Children! My first taste of adventure was probably She-Ra, if I'm being honest. I think I already fancied myself a Princess of Power at age 5! I also wouldn't mind having a winged unicorn for a pet 😉


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