Phobias and Fears and Scary Things Oh My!


This week’s random topic is phobias and fears, so I’m probably going to freak myself out just writing this. I’ll keep not too scary though, no nightmares here!

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Okay, fear number one. And this is probably one of my biggest fears if not the biggest. Tornadoes. I am terrified of them. When I was a kid and there was any sort of tornado warning four counties away, I immediately hightailed it to the basement and sat there until it was over. The street I grew up on was a dividing line for two counties and whenever there was a tornado watch or warning in the county that was the other side of the street, my dad would tell me “It’s fine, we don’t live in that county.” But I was on to him.

Fear number two…snakes. I hate them and everything they stand for. I once ran across a little garter snake (is that even what they’re called?) while hiking with my parents and some other people. I can honestly say I totally lost my head and screamed bloody murder until somebody made it go away. That is the only time I have ever run across one in the wild and I hope it stays that way.

The next would have to be things that jump, like frogs and grasshoppers. You never know which way they are going to jump and suddenly they are attached to you. No sir, I don’t like it. Bunnies are okay though. Even with their hoppy legs and twitchy little noses.

One more animal one and then I’ll move on. Bats. We had a bat in our house once and one appeared in my husband’s family’s cabin, and I think you could safely say I also lost my head both of those times. I’m not good in a crisis. At least not animal related crises.

The fear of looking stupid. I don’t know if this quite fits with the theme, but I have an extraordinary fear of looking stupid to others. So much so that I almost never speak up in meetings or classes unless I absolutely have to. I’ve overcome it some in recent years, but sometimes I still revert back to that person I was in college where I could go a whole semester without uttering a word in class. It’s hard to have this kind of fear when you work in a professional environment because you are expected to contribute in meetings, but I’m always afraid of what people will say about my ideas. Or that I’ll say something backwards and everyone will know I’m a fraud and that I don’t belong there.

One last one and then I’m going to try to find something fun to do to dispel these evil thoughts.

Lightning. I am terrified of lightning. And really thunderstorms, in general. I like rain, I find it soothing. But the noise of thunder and the power of lightning (and the fact that it could fry me where I stand) scare the stuffing out of me. To the point where I can’t sleep and usually make my husband stay up with me for awhile. And I hate being home alone during storms. Its panic-inducing.

Okay, I’m done. I need to find some happy thoughts now. But feel free to share your phobias in the comments.

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  1. oh, honey…if you'll handle the spiders, I'll take on bats and snakes. I see snakes all the time running. They like to sun themselves across the path… a very narrow path. I'm more afraid of stepping on them, lol. I just think they're kind of cute. But they do smell. I agree with that.


  2. well okay you asked, I wake up shower, feed the cat, get my lunch ready, drive 30 minutes to the subway another 30 minutes on the subway, get coffee, eat at my desk do my job or try to avoid to do my job, go home, make dinner, watch tv and go to bed. that's just briefly, sometimes I stop on my way 2 work and take sunrise pics!


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