Wednesday Randomness…Five Biggest Writing Distractions


It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I almost forgot what a blog was. I will say that I have been struggling with same major mental health issues (and that is my first time ever mentioning my mental health or anything related to it online – cue hyperventilating). Just pulling myself out of the muck to do this blog post required a backhoe, but I figured, I have to start somewhere. So here I start…

The five biggest writing distractions. I have to narrow it down to five, huh? Number one for me lately is, as I’ve already mentioned, mental health. I’ve actually been struggling with some pretty deep depression for close to nine months now, but it’s gotten worse over the last two or so. I used to want to write but couldn’t make myself. Now I don’t want to. I know it’s temporary and I know it will pass. Eventually. One day, hopefully before the universe ends. But right now it sucks.

When I’m not fighting my brain, the number one distraction is my day job. Mostly in the form of, I spend nine hours or so on the computer at work, so when I get home, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer. I’m not sure if that’s really a distraction or not, but it keeps me from writing.

When I actually get to writing, those rare times, I get distracted by…the internet. Who’s surprised? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? I’m guessing no one else out there is ever distracted by the internet. I mean, no one else looks at pictures of baby elephants bathing, or cats jumping and missing their landings or dogs trying to walk in new booties or ALL of Pinterest. You lucky people with self control.

What else distracts me from writing? Oddly enough, the actual act of writing. I get so bogged down in wanting everything to be perfect that I don’t get much writing done. This sentence needs to be the best sentence ever written! Three hours later I have four words that mean going to the store…which are probably “going to the store.” It’s infuriating.

I also tend to get distracted by everything else I SHOULD be doing besides writing. Writing isn’t my day job. It’s not even a paying side job (yet). So every time I sit down to write I start thinking that I should be cleaning or doing laundry or spending time with my husband or working on any number of home improvement projects that are piling up. I need to just get over that. My husband tells me that all the time, I need to just go write.

So, those are my five biggest distractions from writing. What distracts you from the task at hand?

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  1. I thought for sure one of the distractions would be Thor. 🙂

    I so get the depression thing keeping you from writing. Depression is such a hateful bitch, and it screws with everything. I think you were exceptionally brave to mention it in public. For a long time, I never spoke of my depression publicly, but weirdly, once I did, it became a little easier to deal with. Obviously, it didn’t make it go away or anything, but when all of your energy isn’t directed at keeping the monster locked in the closet all the time, it sometimes frees up a little head space for other things.

    *HUGS* I’m so happy you blogged this week.


    • Thor is generally a distraction, but I usually write upstairs and he doesn’t really go up there much. However, he is a bigger distraction in that I hate to leave B alone to the tender mercies of that 25 pound puppy. He’s exhausting. 🙂

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  2. Seconding the “depression is a hateful bitch”. And I’ll say YAY! for you blogging. Because it is a big thing when mentally everything stacking up against you. So feel good about that, and welcome back. I missed you.

    The other distractions–totally get those two. I’m sensing some major themes in every post this week. Go figure. 🙂



  3. Thirding, “depression is a hateful bitch” since I’m fight it now. It sucks how it sneaks up on you and then mugs the crap out of you and won’t let you go. *sigh* And the internet, I think all of us mentioned that. Jeez louise, there’s just so much out there to see and learn. I sometimes look at one thing and discover it’s 2 hours later. Whoops.


    • Oh my gosh, I remember one particular instance of the internet sucking me in…I don’t remember what I originally got on YouTube for but all I know is an hour later I was watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk for the first time. That was not even close to my original search. It’s a rabbit hole for sure.


  4. yeah for blogging. And I feel your pain, sister. Our minds are our greatest gift and our worst enemy. They pick us up but throw us down just as easily. If only there was a magic cure…

    But each step is a positive one. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t going anywhere either…


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