Flash Fiction


photoprompt04-2015- CoupleNight

“You have to go. You have to go now.” Even as she urged him to leave, Lucy pulled Liam closer by the collar of his coat. “They’re going to be here soon, you can’t stay.”

“I can’t just leave you to deal with them,” Liam said, fear choking his voice.

“You can hear the helicopter coming. They’ll be able to see us soon with the searchlights.”

“But there’s no place for them to land,” Liam protested.

“Not right here, but they’ll find somewhere close by. And I’ll be able to keep them busy while you get away. I’m not the one they’re after. Liam, go. Run. We’ll meet up in a couple of weeks at the cabin and figure out what the next steps are.” Lucy framed Liam’s face with her hands, trying to memorize his features in the faint light coming from the helicopter that was closing in on them.

This was all Lucy’s fault. It had been her idea to go after Senator Willis in order to prove he was behind her grandfather’s death. Of course that meant Liam had been the one to break into the Senator’s office and search his files and his computer. And now the FBI was after Liam, and Lucy was posing as his hostage.

Everything has gotten so out of control since her grandfather’s death. He had been a long time D.C. fixture, his family had owned The Washington Post for years. And when they started digging into a deal Senator Willis was working on, grandfather had died in a seemingly random car accident. But Lucy wasn’t convinced. The more she dug, the more she was convinced the paper had been on to something and grandfather had died because of it.

Liam stared at Lucy before pulling him to her and kissing her hard. “Be safe,” he said. “I’ll see you in two weeks in Colorado. Don’t be late and make me worry, ok?”

“Ok,” Lucy said. “Just go.”

Standing in the middle of the road she watched Liam turn and run into the woods. She hoped desperately that he would be ok, she couldn’t stand to lose him too. Not now. Not when she needed him more than ever.

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  1. Suuuuuurrrrrree…leave me hanging. I want to know what they found. Also, I want you to tell me Liam’s not going to die or anything. That’s not what happens? Right? RIGHT?


  2. Liam better not die. You will regret that if it happens.

    Brilliant post. And I selfishly wish you continue this in some way.


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