Wednesday Randomness – I Spend Too Much Time…


I Spend Too Much Time…Raiding Windmills. We go side by side, laugh until its right. Take the darkest hour, break it open.

If you can tell me what song that’s from, I’ll give you chocolate. And no Googling!

But seriously folks, this week’s Random Wednesday topic is – I Spend Too Much Time…


I am a master worrier. I worry about everything. Did I leave the toaster plugged in? Did I lock the door when I left for work? Am I going to lose my job? Is something in my house going to fail drastically? Is my cat sick? I can worry about anything at any time and it can easily spiral out of control. And if I’m not careful I can end up in a panic attack.

I also spend too much time not writing. Every day I leave work telling myself that I’m going to go home and write. Instead I go home and binge watch Netflix, or goof around on the internet, or read. Or sleep. It’s a wonder I ever get anything written at all.

Last but not least, I spend too much time “shoulding.” I tell myself I should be doing this or I should be doing that. All it does is add to my stress level so I’m working on cutting my self some slack. Easier said than done.

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  1. I feel all of your feels. The worrying…the shoulding. They never end. And like you, I’m trying to cut myself some slack, but most days, I don’t really know how.


  2. Shoulding totally sucks. It sucks the life out of everything and needs to go away. Because really once the day is done, it’s done. Over. Can’t take it back. It’s hard, but I’m trying.


  3. You’re being hard on yourself. It’s easy to do and a cycle that is really hard to break. But it can be broken and you have a wonderful support group that can all say, “Yeah, we’ve been there. It’s okay :)”


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