Three Things I Wish I Had Learned Much Earlier in Life


Get ready for all sorts of regrets and sadness, people.


  •  Don’t do things for other people.
    • Maybe this would be better worded as, “don’t NOT do things for other people.” (All the double negatives!) When I was younger, I had a lot of worry and guilt about how my actions would affect other people. I let that stop me from doing things I was planned out for myself. I regret that to this day. And we’re not talking about serious worries, more like a mother who didn’t want her child to move away to experience things. Blaming someone else is a cop out, but it’s hard to do things when you are constantly told you shouldn’t.

  • Stop being so practical.
    • I followed a particular path in life because it was practical and sensible. I wish I had made other choices when I had the chance. I know it’s not too late to change things, and I’m slowly starting to figure out how I can. But I’ve spent a number of years working in a profession I don’t have a passion for. It’s getting very old.


  • Quit worrying about what other people think of you.
    • I can’t say I’ve totally learned this yet, but I’m getting better. Even just posting on my blog can make me spiral down into anxiety, worrying what people think about my words and thoughts. But, I’m still posting (occasionally, any way), because it’s what I want to do. I’m also trying to embrace being more comfortable in my body. But that is still a HUGE work in progress.

How’s that for an uplifting Wednesday? On that thought, I leave you with this to brighten your day:


Bronwyn Green | Gwen Cease |

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I'm an accountant by day and a writer by night - or any other time I can find to put words on paper. I live in the state shaped like a mitten with my husband, two cats, and a ridiculously energetic Beagle puppy. I love books and I buy way too many of them. But I maintain its a healthier obsessions than others out there and since I buy a lot of them in electronic formats no one has to know exactly how many I have. :P

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